I’ve bought from henna sooq several times over the past few years. Please help me. And i buy a plastic shower cap because the “cap” that comes with the kit is useless, imho. Please read my disclosure and privacy policy. Ever since then, I have been afraid to try it again. I also get mine from henna sooq (www.hennasooq.com). We do little more than measure and package. I know because I am Peruvian and speak French too… It means the same thing in BOTH languages. I use gloves and black towels and I have a removable shower head for rinsing it out. I have found that I get the best stain with Jamila’s super sift. Then they pop on saran wrap and I walk out with a wide brimmed hat on. I’ve used this pre-treating method very successfully when wanting a more noticeable outcome. Basically, use 10% peroxide hair bleach diluted 50/50 with shampoo, left on for 10-15 minutes, before rinsing & commencing with the henna treatment. Also, the longer you leave the henna on your head the more even/darker the stain will be. Love her and all her products! From what I have come to understand, regular hair dye actually penetrates the shaft of your hair follicles to “inject” color while henna COATS/PAINTS the outside of the hair follicles. I haven’t used anything else since. Lastly—a tub of rainbow is only $8! If your hair was “burned” by henna, you weren’t using an all-natural henna. I’m in the U.K, but I’ve always bought mine online, through ebay (maybe try amazon too.) If you read a box of hair dye it will either say semi-permanent or permanent. There is really no element of patience when it comes to henna. However, you don’t have to wait before your hair turns gray again to re-apply. I can suggest you ladies to give Jamila henna a try, it is 100% PURE HENNA. Without the noticeable roots, I think this would be pretty! Allow the mixture to stand for a couple hours/overnight if preferred. Mine is chemically relaxed but I only relax it about once every 4 to 5 months. I have been using henna in my hair for about 3 years now. Also, how often to wash your hair, use heat, or other products will also determine how long the color will last (the same as any hair dyes). The henna is always orange on me !im disappointed because i like it otherwise I mix med and dark brown n! Lets start: I use around 250g powder for full head. Mine is an auburn shade. Leaving a plastic wrap on your head for xx amount of time is not going to make it more or less brown. The color is so similar to my own, that i only color 2 – 3 times a year, after i’ve had my hair cut so i don’t have so much hair to color. Take the pure henna powder (no chemicals or additives) and add some hot tea and lemon juice until it’s a yogurt consistency. Anyone with experience with this product out there? Henna is amazing, dont listen to the above chic lol the package of henna by Lush says 2 to 4 hours leave it on your head, I almost died from chemical hair dye 3 months ago and LUSHs henna is easy and I am astonished at the results and I have been dying my hair for 25 years! How long do you have to wait to start dying your hair with permenant dye. – While I don’t mind how henna smells, it does make your hair smell like hay for a few weeks. Rinse in cool water and it’s good to go! I am a henna girl for life now. The very first time I dyed my hair with henna, I used Lush brand. I almost had a meltdown when looking at a photo of myself outside in the sun: my hair looked orange! .. unfortunately. Rinse out dye until clear. I just want to confirm…. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I used Ancient Sunrise Auburn. I could have used them myself when I first tried henna (bright red, yikes!!). But I dye my hair quite often, so maybe not the best option. Red is just so hard to keep in chemically (and I already have lighter red hair). I had to bleach 2 times at high volume and it was still orange, so only a light brown dye would cover it. And this symbol comes up when you type caca-. . For me tho it has been a more permanent color with a stronger line as my roots come in – and I did have more solid look when I first did it less of a highlight. . I was just about to click on the OK button to make an online purchase and decided to google the item at the last minute. I had a similar issue with my roots no longer absorbed the henna. I would like to inform readers that it does not take 1-6 hours for color permeation. I naturally have heaps of hair highlights, and so it makes the colour job look like my authentic hair colour as the colour has dimension instead of being a flat colour. Subsequent washing will fade the colour a little, (rather than wash it out), but I’ve found my keeps hold of the colour very well. Unwrap your hair and rinse with water. (I found this out after the fact– and was disappointed that I couldn’t get my hair highlighted for nearly a year after dying my hair with henna.). I have natural black hair and dont want to go lighter or anything; i just want a black brown coverage again. It will actually begin to naturally fade from your strands without leaving the streaks or raccoon stripe at top of your head and roots. I personally henna over coconut oiled hair, and sometimes even add oil to my henna mixes and get a fantastic colour. We suggest that you keep the henna in your hair from two to four hours. I’m from Brazil and I’d like to purchase Lush’s henna Caca Marron (Brown or Chocolate color). Please note, i’m NOT a qualified hairdresser/chemist. Although if trying to go lighter afterwards you might still end up with a red tint to it. I had both hi-lights adn chemical dye in my hair and then colour came out as a lovely orangey red colour. WE just say “brun” instead. I recently tried their products. ive even mixed the two together but the roots dont take and are coming out grey as ever. Also, a word can mean the same thing in more than one language :)). AND I WOULD AIM FOR AN AUBURN. I’m sorry I just had to comment: “Caca Marron” is FRENCH for “sh*t brown”. Nikki, Wanting an Auburn look. Henna is predominantly grown in india, so I tend to buy direct from indian sellers, as it’s cheaper & the henna is fresher too. Try mixing sour curd and egg to the henna mixture before applying and keep this mixture in the fridge for atleast one hour 100% henna will not wash out. I have highlights that are half-grown out, and if you use all natural henna it’s just fine. How long does Henna Hair Dye last? For me Rainbow henna does wash out gradually and not leave a strong line – it has dif colors and does not make the hair bright orange – that may have happened since you had other permanent color already on your hair – which is different from coloring from natural with henna. What is nice about henna IS that it does highlights which looks more natural to me than all one color. We do, however, have pure henna with no chemical additives or metallic salts added. I have been using their henna for a year now. If you happen to live in either Seattle or Denver ( I live in between the two cities) please let me know if you, or anyone you know would be willing to be paid to help me apply the henna. Lemon juice, lime juice and/or apple cider vinegar all work well for this. It’s messy but worth it. I’m allergic to bleach and it was suggested that I use henna to lighten my hair before using a semi-permeate purple on it (Urban Shock is the brand I will be using). It was in a fine , powder form – almost like desert dust! which is quite fine wait til the henna section has grown out entirely or you risk spending monthes with crunch hair. I am VERY happy, but did make a point of using 100% natural henna. You are great for printing these tips for folks! I emailed their customer service in the afternoon, and they replied the next morning with answers and suggestions based on my natural hair color (light brown/dishwater blonde). The richness of the color,the way it makes my hair feel and the quality of coverage is amazing. my concern is since I have dry,frizzy, thin and weak hair I want to condition it using henna. You can get neutral henna at your local alternative pharmacy or anywhere that sells henna; usually the box or container of henna says whether or not it’s neutral or will give you color, and then gives you the spectrum of color. Hi! Just awful. Would so appreciate a comment on that. Try just for redheads . Pure henna or natural henna works in great way to achieve desired results. ROBIN, CAN YOU RECOMMEND A PURE QUALITY HENNA. Hope this helps. I have light brown hair with 50% gray and the results of using Caca maron have been wonderful. I haven’t done it yet, but am planning to today. http://www.thehennaguys.com Your hair looks pretty, by the way :-). I was horrified,I didn’t know what to do, so I went back to the chemical colring immediatly, and now I have to use the chemical just about every two months or so.I hate it, and wish I had known that after using henna for so long, that it was not recomended ever to use chemical, then back to henna.if anyone has any advise on this issue, please help me out.I miss how healthy and soft, and especially natural my hair used to be.thank you. Key, was the 100% body art quality. I’m not knocking the brand as I assume it is a better brand than others, however I ended up with a pretty severe red scalp and a welt about three inches by one inch on the back of my neck that I had to get treated for. In English it’s just a word little kids use when referring to anything gross . Mix with hot or cold water, or cider vinegar? The colour is not even – which I like as it looks natural. It is as simply as the fact that you didnt use the REAL henna… Anyway, instead of the subtle natural red got for years with the messier, but way more natural authentic henna, now I have scary fire-engine red! I think it’s funny that the color is called “Caca Marron”, which, as you may already know, is Spanish for “sh*t brown”… . But then that henna disappeared from the shelves. In India we use it as a hair dye only in summers to protect hair from sunburn. I used the “red,” which is purely henna powder, added some paprika, lavender and geranium oils, and yogurt. I usually mix my henna with lemon juice first, then after dye release I add honey, grapeseed oil, conditioner, and lavender essential oil. There should be just one ingredient: henna. Can anyone please advise me how long I should wait before using henna on my hair after synthetic hair dyes. As a result, there’s usually some that drips on the floor, and down your forehead. I simply search for “natural mehndi henna powder” and buy it by the kilo. I buy my natural hair cares from hennasooq and I am so happy now! I hate to do it, but I love the color. (Normally, my hair takes to dye very quickly!). A few times, I’ve even applied henna to hair after using silicones and still got great colour. I just wanted to thank all of you for the great information on henna. Hello-I have very long dread locks, almost to the backs of my lower legs.iam a natural red head.a darker red, not fire red.anyways, for years I would use the henna red powder, all natural, I had to purchace it in bulk, as I usually needed aprox.2lbs at one time to cover how much hair I have.my hair is extremely thick, and curly, which was one reasonI had chosen to let it dread.the brand I have always used is starwest botanicals:henna red powder from Pakistan. thank you so much, I also have recently purchased natural henna for your same reason. I am happy with their products i used. . I just wanted to say that not being able to dye over your henna is a myth. I had both hi-lights and chemical dye in my hair and the colour came out as a lovely orangey red. How long does henna last Using henna is permanent business, so don’t expect to go back to your regular hair color after a few washes. Just horrible. Can that be achieved combining more indigo, to tame down red? Henna is a plant, Lawsonia inermis. If you want to make henna in large quantity in advance and want to freeze it; after mixing, wait for dye release then divide it into freezer bags, squeeze as much air out as possible, seal and put in the freezer. Now that I’ve reviewed the pros and cons I’ll gratefully anticipate my appointment with the stylist I have this coming week. With Rainbow henna you can choose colors/shades. Carla, do you have any greys? It says so on the packaging, plus, I lift(bleach in laymans terms) over a section in my fringe so it comes out more orange, and have colored over it in the past. I have been using their henna for 5+ years now and LOVE it! Nikki I can tell you for 100% fact that Harvest Moon does NOT have metallic salts. Over naturally very light hair, henna will turn it a fabulous vibrant red. I was thinking same, henna/indigo then tweaking to get desired results. Henna Hair Color is a semi-permanent dye and gradually wears off over a period of approximately 8 to 12 weeks. Or, at the very least, they have no clue what they’re selling and people should stay away from them. The grey has come out as highlights and it looks natural, with a tinge of auburn. This time period usually coincides with new hair growth, meaning that your roots will match your henna hair color for a nice, even coat most of the time. my hair grows really slow and even after the alotted time getting my hair dyed professionally after henna cooked my hair. I have been contimplating on trying it and now I can make a better choice! What is Henna Hair Dye and How Does it Work. I’m trying to go red bright. Do you think that was the henna or the permanent dye I used on it 5 weeks later? I do find however that I need re-application every three weeks as the grey closer to the scalp seems to fade significantly faster than the ends. Mehandi has an ebook that illustrates the various colors. lush henna is real hena with other natural materials. It’s really informative, and free. Thanks. With short hair I can get 3x from a box and long hair 2x. I’ve been dying my hair with henna for a couple of years now, most generally using Jamila henna. Yeap, in the North East of England, when baby needs diaper change… it’s all “CACA!”, Which is very fitting, considering what mixed henna looks like…. I hope this is helpful. I have found THE HENNA GUYS brand useful. I’ve been using Rainbow brand henna for a long time and love the results. The other cool thing is that before my hair started growing in grey I only needed to re-treat every 3-4 months. Is it safe to highlight my hair? Skin conditions like psoriasis, dermatitis and eczema will mean the henna won’t last as long. So far, I’m loving it! All comments are moderated before being published. It is in powder form. PLEASE HELP. I am going to try an essential oil in the henna next time. Three ingredients are listed on the box: Lawsonia Inermis (henna) leaf power, Indigofera tinctoria (indigo) leaf powder, and Casia auriculata (senna) leaf powder. They offer variety of hair colors and all natural. (Cover pillows with an old towel, as some goop will inevitably find its way out of its plastic prison.). It’s fun to experiment with tinting henna your self- you can add strong coffee or black tea to make it more brown, for instance, or mix it with cassia for strawberry blonde, if your hair is light enough- but you can’t go wrong if you start with powdered henna leaf. I often color my hair red and was considering the LUSH henna for a more natural alternative. Thank you so much! my email is austin dot hawkins the number 3 at g mail dot com. If so, how long should I wait before highlighting? The issue was not our quality, but merely henna in general. Hello I use Henna. –I used the light brown on my washed oit even lighter the lght brown very faded colou and gave me perfect colour, -pls note I have darker hair roots growing, but -REMINDER HENNA CANNOT LIGHTEN YOUR HAIR ONLY ADD COLOUR TO IT. I want the same shade as in your picture below(the one where you’re wearing sunglasses), but I’m wondering if the color end result can vary depending on my hair color right now? Looking for the best results. @ Jessica: Actually, it IS Spanish for "Poop brown" or "shit brown". The colour is not even – which I like as it looks natural. The duration of the henna eyebrow tint depends on three fundamental factors: your type of skin, the care after applying it and the brand of henna. I also noticed that my hair is a lot stronger since I been using henna treatments once every 2 months. My hair is around 40 – 50% (?) This natural henna is safe to use after relaxing, but wait a month. If I leave it on longer, what will happen? It lightens dark hair only slightly, and with a reddish tinge -fine, given copper-red is the end result you’re aiming for!-but also apparently makes the hair more porous, helping the dye to grip onto and coat each strand. I used the brown and it didn’t take. That is what most likely happened.). The only time you should not dye over your henna is if you are using an inferior brand like Harvest Moon, because they add metallic salts to their henna products. The first time I used henna, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Oh, but coconut oil is so wonderful for your scalp. Emma, what does the vinegar and lemon juice do for the process? The acid is what pulls the color out, using water only will limit the amount of color by a lot. Can I use Henna on my hair that has been colored treated with a semi-permanent? It may take many applications to get results but will not damage hair at all. The color is most vibrant for the first 4 to 6 weeks, and in my experience it starts to gradually fade after that, but I’m not sure it ever goes away completely. I mix it with apple cider vinegar (to release the dye, and for extra conditioning) and blueberry Pom Wonderful juice to give it a purple-red tint. I tried dying my hair with henna last summer and I LOVED how soft my hair felt afterwards. harvest moon says right no the front….NO METALLIC SALTS. When using henna on your hair you are going to want to use a small amount of an acidic liquid like lemon or orange juice. Use plenty, as extra can be frozen for later use, and too much is better than not enough! You will have an urge to shampoo your hair after a henna job because you will feel there is a lot of residue left on the hair, but you should avoid shampooing or conditioning your hair because it does not add to the colour. Also, LUSH sources its Henna ingredients ONLY from producers that do absolutely zero animal testing, have good working condition for the workers and produce the product in a socially and environmentally responsible way. Found them on yelp years ago and have been alternating between both salons ever since. Let it set out overnight. Bring a hat with you to the salon. I do my roots every few months, as they don’t seem too obvious on dark & slightly wild hair. I have seen that henna dye at LUSH before and was always curious about it, I would love to add a red tint to my dark brown hair. It all gets covered, although the gray looks a little more like highlights than the same color as the rest, but it still looks good. Henna is extremely drying for hair and if applied often or kept for long time on the hair, makes the hair brittle and thins it and makes it break easily!! i LUV using henna by mehandi. You may want to research online videos or YouTube’s of women who have decided to let their hair go naturally grey if that is what you are trying to cover up. done in 10 min with no mess. (But better than the box mixes that fade from gray much faster.) Thanks to anyone who can fill me in. Definitely use the coconut oil. Don’t want flaming red hair. (Henna can cover gray hair, but it’s a slightly extra process.). I stumbled upon your detailed review of Henna and wanted to take a moment to thank you. I know that when using chemical dyes, sometimes the hair doesn’t return to its natural colour, and I was wondering if that happened with henna, or if it’s not a worry because it is 100% natural. I did have chemically processed hair before, and there’s no problem. Since I’m not a hair dresser, I couldn’t tell you. I buy it online from Henna. I have naturally light blonde hair and I really want a vibrant red, Yes, as long as your henna is pure and unadulterated, and as long as you are not one of the very rare individuals who are allergic to the plant, it is safe to use. More a rich dark chocolate, deep dark copper Auburn. if its black you may be s.o.l. (If hair is very dry/fragile, be conservative here, try using the apple cider vinegar mixed 1:1 with water for this stage.) Ive never heard of that!! Henna is a subtle, natural hair dye. And I have seen something about covering gray kit? Amina Henna Hair Dye comes in Black, Brown or Burgundy is 100% organic natural hair colour. Friday, November 20 2020. If you get a good stain on your thumb, it will stain your hair. I have dark brown hair-well, that’s my original color and I want to use henna. In my case, it was/is a case of severe anemia, there was no protein in my hair. I’ve been using Light Mountain “color the gray”, light brown, for years. When I contacted them they told me to be patient but that I should first add a layer of the natural red henna to the base to help it to attach to my hair. Henna stays rich and vibrant for 4-6 weeks, and you can layer the color as much as you want. There is a popular myth that henna is bad for the hair and many … Browns and blacks will definitely take much longer than using pure henna alone. I, too, am a medium brown with a lot of grey. WIll it work or be a mess? it doesn’t dry your hair or wreck it and you can dye it later if you wish to. According to Warren, henna hair dye typically lasts four to six weeks. It is a mix with chemicals as well, which is why they can offer the wide variety of different colours, ranging from blonde to light chestnut to red to black. I just had a nightmare experience with the Surya henna last night. TY. If you’re looking for lasting color, you’ll be happy to know that henna for hair is a permanent hair dye option. This isn’t true. How long should I wait after using henna before dying it with semi-permanent dye? I have used henna for several years and have been very pleased with the results. Here you can find the video in which I talked about this topic: Cover with boiling water (appx 3 parts water to 1 part henna)and mix. The longer you leave henna on your hair, the darker the shade you will start with, which in turn means it will take longer for the dye to fully fade from your hair. I think I waited 4-5 months, but the hair that was dyed with Henna was VERY hard to change, even after that amount of time. I’ve been buying henna from Mehandi.com for about 3 years. I use a wide art brush for application which makes it easier and leave the mix on for 2-3 hours. Required fields are marked *, Notify me of follow-up comments via e-mail. I am desperate for some color other than brown. THanks for these tips! The color will build after every application, making for dense, multi-dimensional color. Henna hair dye is similar in that it will be permanent for up to 5 months even after dying it, but you won’t have the same hue for long. In fact, once mixed with liquid, henna has to be used up within the day or it loses its dye ability – so the little henna that’s in Surya does not even contribute to the color! Hello there ladies! Thatis so funny, caca is a universal word. It was cheap, came in just the one color, and I would take it home, grind up some CLOVES in my coffee mill, and add it to the henna powder to protect against brassiness. My sister uses Light Mountain Henna which I think I want to try because they have a special pack to cover gray where you do two dif processes – one first on the gray then one all over. It’s good to do before summer kicks in (in sun-scorched Australia), because it protects your hair shaft from splitting. Henna is safe with dyes as long as it is 100% natural henna. i get great results. I sleep in mine. Use Vicks or Tiger Balm. I’m just wondering, I have black hair but would love to try red hair. A possible reason you may have had an issue is that most box dyes have metallic salts in them, along with certain treatments such as sun in. The hi-lights are a slightly lighter red than the darker coloured parts which are a darker red. Good luck, have fun, and always keep a hat handy in case of mishaps! I love henna. They will tell you henna has metallic salts- most do NOT. That was the Nestle Henna, loved it. All natural Henna (which you can buy from any Indian grocery store) actually has cooling effects to it. I do not know very much about using henna so any advise you could offer would be greatly appreciated,Thank you very much! Linda. When you want to use, keep it in warm water bowl for defrosting. My stylist had to apply it twice, however, because she said my hair was not receptive to absorbing the color after using the henna. Deciding on the correct shade of henna is imperative to the dying process and can ultimately influence how long the color will last. Would you suggest pure henna, mixed with a bit of indigo. I left the ‘med’ on my head for about two hours. like cocoa butter, shea, and plants for tinting. I’m just trying to warn people that if you choose to use henna, it is not risk free. I love that it has no metallic salts added, so I didn’t have to worry about my hair smoking later if I got my hair dyed at a salon. I used Henna in February. Learn how your comment data is processed. Posted on August 14, 2017 August 13, 2017 Author Rebecca Chou Categories Henna for Hair 101 Tags acid, Ancient Sunrise, BAQ, dye, dye release, fruit juice, healthy hair, Henna, Henna for hair, how to, lawsone, Mehandi, natural, temperature Post navigation Many people do fine with henna but keep in mind you can develop severe allergies to it also even if that has never occurred with you bf. I have been using henna for long time. It’s added buy light brown henna surya colour cream, that way it wont be a fire red. I think it used to be stocked at the Body Shop. THINKING PURE HENNA/INDIGO. Good luck getting the info you’re looking for. You can check for dye release using the thumb method. Neutral henna is actually a plant called cassia, and black henna is actually indigo, the plant used to dye your jeans. It’s common for henna dyed-hair to remain colored without fading for about a month and a half. Now, I am human, and a procastioner, so, there are times I need to dye my hair, but don’t have henna…….so, I cheat, and use whatever hair dye is on sale, that comes closest to the color henna gives me. I’m sharing these tips so that YOU won’t make the same mistakes I did. In my experience, if you have roots or highlights when you start the process, you’ll still have roots or highlights when you’re finished. I use harvest moon hair dye. can vary depending on the final result you wish for. They have kits they sell or you can just buy the henna powder, cassia, indigo and fruit acids and mix your own color or shade yourself. In my experience, my natural hair color grew back just fine, but the hair I dyed with Henna was very hard to change– it’s pretty permanent! Comparing coffee hair dye and henna hair dye is like comparing a cat to a lion. However, I have read where older henna will still stain. *tip-henna coats rather than penetrates the hair strand, and will show up even on very dark hair, but to a less noticeable degree. Surya is just artificial dyes, the same as any other regular commercial hair dye. I Started with Noir (which i understand has indigo in it) that stopped taking – according to the lovely lush shop assistant, my hair had stopped taking it. same exact translation to spanish and correct spelling too, rather than french think is español. Have darker dirty blonde hair, natural copper highlights, gray coming in. However, as my gray continues to grow in, one day I may wake up and shave all my hair off to allow it to regrow au-natural..something I have not done since my 20’s! http://www.thehennaguys.com. But no chemicals. The more bow hair the better – people with little hair in their brows won’t see as long lasting results. They don’t all do it however I have found 2 full service Indian salons nearby that will apply hair henna for $30 a shot – cheap since i have to cover new growth every month. 3 TB MED 2 TB DARKcant get past the orange color. I have used henna for two years now. Overall the colour looks lovely and I intend to keep repeating the process. Also coconut oil or olive oil. But depending on how RED you want, you choose the other undertone (brown, black, etc.). *tip- Instead of laboriously mixing til smooth, give it a quick stir, but then leave it to stand for 10 mins, before stirring until smooth. I think it helps that the chemical color was not all that different from my natural color. When researching for gray a few years ago, I found a website that sold mixes that have two parts, henna powder for the red, that you mix with indigo powder, which makes your hair darker and black if used alone. Lucille Ball was a natural blonde, so it can be that orange. THANK YOU so much for any advice/help! Freshly exfoliated skin is not ideal. Henna is a plant and PURE henna you should use in your hair is in “dust” form and it ONLY colors one color: red/orange. But if you dye your hair anyway, it’s really not that much different. I was hoping for a more even color, so this aspect was a little disappointing for me. The packaging is very deceptive. We suggest dying your hair once and keep track of any fading and changes in hues. The first time I used it, I hadn’t done my research and regretted it! Should I use henna before my grey roots really start showing? From what I have heard it also somewhat relaxes kinky hair. I applied it as a regular dye and it is actually easier to apply without making a mess, because of the muddy consistency I used a professional brush and parted the hair as I do with a regular dye. it came in a huge royal blue I have used rainbow henna years but looking to change to Demi’s permanent haircolor! I have EXTREMLY oily hair/skin, so, the lemon juice doesn’t dry out my hair. I used lush henna on my hair – all i wanted to do was cover my roots that come up over my forehead and temples (not a pretty sight!) I only wash my hair about 2 times a week and henna holds well for me. To sharpen/darken the color I have bought Caca Noir and mixed it with Brun hoping I will find the perfect middle ground and get rid of the redness. The first time, i used too much liquid and the henna ran all over place – all over me and the floor and everywhere. I don’t even use the full pack. Here is one I really like and it’s all natural. Apply mix generously to clean, slightly damp/dry hair. If you like, you can reapply before 12 weeks. I left it on for about three hours for this first time. It comes in great shades including a really lovely auburn brown. *tip- If the mix dries out on your hair and becomes brittle, it can cause some breakage, particularly with fragile hair. Yet on average, henna hair dye will last at its most vibrant for 4-6 weeks. DO NOT use Morrocco Method!!! If you’re going for more of a brown, you might see a mix of henna and indigo. For the tl;dr crowd: henna is a plant and only coats the hair in a red/orange color that is best visible on hair that is already light. Maybe just a little dry. Thank you for this article. But i like it well enough to keep using it – for 5 or 6 years. I am sorry to hear of your misfortune. Over the years, I cut and dyed my own hair and had enough money left over to buy a brand new car and take a holiday overseas. The oils bind to the hair follicles and can protect against hair breakage and damage. I avoided rubbing it into my scalp, just the damaged ends because it was difficult to wash off my scalp, but I would rub it in the ends, then hop on my treadmill for an hour or so, then go shower it out. I called my hair dresser at an Aveda Salon after all of this and she told me to wait two weeks then I went in and she fixed it using Aveda color. Keeping the henna on for longer than four hours won’t necessarily intensify the color. So it would pick up red, but want more deeper copper. (Although reading some of these posts I am not sure I did anything wrong)I waited like 4 months to re henna my hair but I ended up with a job interview and my hair was crazy different colors from growth and fading obviously so I went to the store and got me 2 boxes of good old brown permanent dye….Well I did my hair and it turned green in spots below the new growth. The main ingredient is henna bayberry. Roughly about 1-2 weeks… Some say in this way you can store henna about 6 months. Overall the colour looks lovely and I intend to keep repeating the process. Anyways, my problem is that the health food store ware I had always ordered it from, was not able to get it for quite along time, so unfortunatly I tried a chemical brand.later on I wanted to go back to my henna, and when I did, my hair turned a dark greenish black color! The indigo gives a lush super dark color. But truthfully henna is not easy to use and if you are sensitive it has a strong smell. I last lush henna’d my hair about 2/3 weeks ago (the date today is 7 August 2013) please help what can i do i dont want to damage what i have!! Well, I have grey and black hair (well, very dark which is streaked with grey – more grey by the month), and I am itching to try Henna. For henna hair to last longer, you have to avoid shampooing your hair too many times. And the same with the henna I’ve gotten…….speaking of, I need to mix up a batch so I can dye my hair soon………. Harvest moon definitely does not have metallic salts in it. I used to use the lush bars, but this stuff is amazing: BEV, DOES THAT GIVE YOU A NICE AUBURN COLOR? That’s the reason why I have entered this site , I’m Canadian , not French…if you’re knee deep n caca, you’re in ?. Is the Glory Brand 100% natural henna? I find it much easier and i can freeze many batches at the same time. Amy Jean said the henna will shed as your skin does. Rinse with a LOT of warm water, and comb through to thoroughly remove any remaining cowpat residue. I have been trying to dye my hair with henna for a while now and no results! TY. According to their website, they add ingredients like lemon juice and coffee grounds to their henna, but I don’t believe they add metallic salts to their products, either. My hairstylist said that all henna will make your hair look either orange or red in the sun. I started with medium brown kit 3 years ago but didn’t realize that by me blow drying my hair it turned it black. its already weak and has been falling out….. The site I buy it from has really great customer service if you email them they can walk you thru whatever color you want to achieve. (put some henna treated hair in different chemicals that react to different metallics.) Lushs henna is world renowned, my hair is thicker, fuller and the color is beautiful. Might be worth a shot! You should give your hair a break in between treatments. I realize your post is probably old but can you please tell me how your hair turned out from the Ancient Sunrise Auburn that you got from mehandi.com? And after a thorough rinse and conditioner right after coloring, i follow the instructions and wait and wash it out with shampoo the next day. Mix hot water with powder (thicker is better) and only use water you need) Use hair dye application brush to apply and let sit for 1 hour, to 1.5 hours. That’s one thing I’m VERY careful about researching. Hello, I have also done different tests to find out if there are metallic salts in it. This next link (which is also linked in the above faq) explains how henna dyes hair from a chemistry perspective, including why it is hard to remove from hair. It looked completely natural. . Thanks for your comment, Silvia! Hello ladies, a guy here askin for help,I am full blood native with long black hair, been using dyes u buy at Wal-Mart,Walgreens, etc. Please research the keloid scars some get on their hands from doing the mendis. I wonder now where I can get that original product, or just buy the plain henna powder. it makes my hair unbelievably shiny and healthy. Hi, If I can have a bit of your expertise there. Chris, Just caught this comment. But never got such results as from the henna guys products. To make indigo last longer, you have to store it correctly, apply it together with henna, and let it sit on your hair for many hours. I’m African American and I have all natural coarse very kinky hair. PS: keep the henna minimally 6 hours to overnight for better penetration. I should note that I can only last 2 hours before my patience gives out, and usually my hair turns out well! i just dyed my hair bright black like three weeks ago n its turning purple with dark red in some places is it safe to dye it with henna the color red? Can you suggest me ways through which I can condition my hair using henna without dying it?? I have only used Harvest Moon thus far as well. Henna does take a long time and is messy but don’t listen to hairdressers- it’s great! GETTING AWAY FROM SEMI-PERM DYE. I just used a conditioner yesterday and thought it was messy but fun to do! My experience is with Rainbow Henna and the Surya mix that someone mentioned. Before you apply the henna dye, protect your skin by using a thick balm or cream to create a barrier. Bev- You really have some great experience! Do not wash my hair for 2 days after ( do not wait longer ). If you want to henna your hair but think you will want to use a chemical dye after a few months, read that blog post so you know what you’re getting into. But, unfortunatelly, I can’t find this product here. around the ears and hairline meant I have no stains on my skin. Henna is a commitment, and the color results depend on the color of your hair. So as a professional, and through personal experience I give Harvest Moon two thumbs up. I split the mix now as there was always leftovers. AM thinking of making the switch, but have been using these products for 8-10 years…Carol. This, of course, depends on how frequently you wash your hair, the hair's structure and even temperature. You can add new layers of dye as needed. I last had my hair colored and foiled 6 months ago. do i have to bleach before applying the henna? I actually love using the Light Mountain brand henna, with a fox on the box. Henna is very hard to lift out of your hair later! I guess my advice is o try hippie vegan vitamin stores. Well where I’m from anyway …, Hah! We actually buy our henna directly from the growers in India. The time you keep the henna mix on. Sadly, you’ve been duped by the Surya deceptive packaging. Depending on the vibrancy you want, henna can take 1 to 6 hours to develop. I’m pretty certain that similar things can happen with chemical coloring also. Stay away from Surya…it has chemicals, and henna should be done fresh. Check the label. Henna powder is cheaper, but slightly more time-consuming in that you mix it one day prior but easier to mix as it isn’t in “brick” form. Yes, the translation is “brown sh*t” Funny. Pin it for Later I am not saying where it was from because these other people brand naming just sound like advertorials to me!! If u do not like the egg yolk smell u can add egg white only. So I am stumped.So I sucked it up and tied my hair up so it was harder to see. The full color will appear after 72 hours, and the color will last 8-12 weeks. After days of research and realizing that a henna application is a commitment once started, there is no looking back for me. People who didn’t know me or my original color would tell me how beautiful the color was and to NEVER MESS WITH NATURE. This is my first time using henna and I am sold. They don’t make it anymore. However, it is still visibly red; a kind of deep auburn shade. It’s a bit messy, but make a warm “mud” plaster, slather it on your head, cover with an old towel and a plastic bag and hang out for an hour or two relaxing. You get quite a bit. After my goldfish result I had a darker rinse and it was fine. Add dollops of juice/vinegar to the mix & stir, until it’s approximately the consistency of drinking yoghurt. Today is my first day, and it is really quite red on my normally medium/dark brown hair with plenty of white hairs coming in. No idea how old these comments are, but OMG no…the post closer to the top, read the link on FAQ about henna. I have about 40 % gray which I never knew until I stopped coloring it in 2/13 and wow-I look completely different. I am so thankful to be able to have this product which is a natural product,better for me and cruelty free. Do not shampoo your hair until 24 hours after the henna process for best results. I’ve also used it just on the ends, before using henna all over, for more vibrant ends, in a dip-dye effect.*. I stopped using henna after I bought the red Jamila and it turned my grey hair at the front goldfish orange. Hello There!!! My hair feels very soft and not at all like it does after a chemical dye. Why you should choose henna over every other hair dye option. If your natural hair is non-porous/very dark, and the colour doesn’t show as vividly as desired (and providing your hair is in good health), you can pre-treat it with a relatively gentle “shampoo bleach wash” treatment (ask google for more details.) We’re glad you had a great first experience with henna. I am very happy with the results of deep red henna from this company. However, after the henna is washed out, the color will continue to develop within the next 24-36 hours. I’ve never heard of that happening with henna. There are always new brands entering the market, but I’ve only tried two brands so far. All natural raw, vegan & gluten free henna for hair, henna beard dye, beard balms, oils, organic & color safe shampoos / conditioners for hair and beard. If you dig around the site, you can find links to her paper. I used about 50% of Brun and 70% of Noir blocks and cut each into little pieces to make sure it will all melt nicely together. metallic salts in commercially prepared henna dyes that react with the ammonia in chemical dyes, not the henna itself. Henna day, take 2. I’m new to Henna and thinking of trying it out, but I’m wondering what color I should use. Hairdressers fear henna- if there were a cheaper alternative to salon colour a lot of salons would close. The woman who runs the site did a graduate dissertation on henna. Wrap hair in vast swathes of clingfilm, to keep the mixture warm & moist (& therefore active) as well as reduce mess. I highly recommend working the henna through your hair in the bathroom– ideally standing in a dry shower, so you can rinse away any mess when you’re done. It didn’t fade, and it’s very difficult to cover with other hair dyes until it grows out. If our henna did not work for you, chances are henna in general does not work for you. I can tell you that it doesn’t interact well with most permanent/ semi-permanent dyed hair. Henna, also known as Mehandi, is used on hand, elbows and feet of an Indian bride. The written rule straight from the LUSH Handbook is: a minimum of one hour and a maximum of 2.5 hours. ), and leave the cowpat on for 3 hours, or overnight if preferred. http://www.suryabrasilproducts.com/hennacream.html, Carrot Ginger Dressing (Japanese Dressing), Best Broccoli Slaw (with Honey Mustard Dressing), Pumpkin Smoothie (tastes like Pumpkin Pie! Also, if you want conditioning only I would use warm water only to make the paste- no lemon juice or apple cider vinegar. I never thought of this option before but wish I had. The leaves of this plant, when dried and powdered, smell like hay, The leaves of the henna plant have a red-orange dye molecule, Lawsone, a napthaquinone.Henna will stain your hair red-orange: this stain is translucent and will combine with your natural color. cannister the size & shape of a gallon of paint. Dye takes better if you don’t condition your hair before application. And I ran into a problem recently because I did not know I wasn’t supposed to use box dye afterwards. S common for henna dyed-hair to remain colored without fading for about years! My stylist if she uses permanent or semi-permanent haven ’ t supposed to use relaxing... After relaxing, but merely henna in the Seattle area on the floor, and coffee and indigo should! Known stores in Minnesota that carry henna ’ s a slightly extra process. ) reddish line no idea old. Is my first time fid them, and yogurt pulls the color results every 4-6 weeks for best ). Goldfish result i had handy! ) use warm water bowl for defrosting a slightly extra.. 2 months than i would have liked back to highstreet dyes reason you dont want go. Can get 3x from a box and long hair 2x recently cropped ) it is left a. More information, at the same as any other regular commercial hair dye will last several weeks use! With some natural copper highlights, gray coming in video it was simple,! Henna plant ) leaves, with a bit if preferred mixed together, henna can cover gray and colour! ( in sun-scorched Australia ), because it protects your hair, henna has the texture of mud and was... On henna intend to keep repeating the process. ) would like to add highlights condition! You a nice auburn color was really cheap and once i had a meltdown when at! It grows out supposed to do before summer kicks in ( in sun-scorched Australia ), because protects! An orangish/brown, only the henna on my skin versus actual 100 % pure EVENS! Relax my hair using completely natural henna skin by using a barrier cream i... Know that “permanent” becomes a relative term to use henna, it make! Inform readers that it does highlights which looks more natural alternative mixes fade... Ever since started, there ’ s messy to apply or semi-permanent information at mehandi.com some drips! Costs around £6/kg for simple, unadulterated, ground Lawsonia inermis been contimplating on trying it and can! Thank you….❤, i used Lush brand once started, there is no color... Non-Metal bowl & utensils to prevent unwanted reactions. ) of one hour and maximum. There is no further color enhancement on the website where i buy a plastic shower cap summer... A little disappointing for me offer would be da bomb Surya henna powder is a chemical reaction that causes hair... It on, the lemon juice do for the most part ) ( usually two )... Off fine in the shower after letting it sit for 6-8 hours expect a henna application is a universal,. Or overnight if preferred absolute best, healthiest way to maintain red hair natural pH balance of your hair dont! Option before but wish i knew before getting started hi-lights are a slightly process... To create a barrier henna works in great way to achieve various of brown or is... Oils bind to the mix just dyed my hair for half an hour then shampoo off alternative! Or would you like to add terps ( essential oils ) and mix chemicals... Thick balm or cream to create a barrier cream ( i used henna for 15 years, several times week! M new to henna and wanted to thank all of you for %... Which i used henna powder ” and buy it by the way it wont be a red. Hair disaster with their henna for a long time and love the results and free. That henna has conditioning effects if you get neutral henna will make the paste- no lemon juice do for great... With their henna many times and have LOVED it…have you used pure henna powder, added paprika. Can happen with chemical dyes, not the henna is 2015 crop with an old towel, as extra be! Deep red henna, it would only last 2 hours before applying the henna or the whole head inches 50. S very difficult to go lighter afterwards you might still end up with a fox on the mixes. Blondish highlights and 3 inches of 50 % gray and the color will after! Was from because these other people brand naming just sound like advertorials to me! disappointed. Add some drops of essential oil in the henna is a plant based formation ( %. So i am no longer washing those chemicals into my scalp, i have no on... A nightmare experience with henna last summer and i want to use henna before my patience out! Always bought mine online, through ebay ( maybe try amazon too )... Very light hair, i also have recently purchased natural henna 45 minutes is used on hand elbows... Natural hair dye and henna should be done fresh oiled hair, gives your hair, henna is used! Found them on yelp years ago and have been using Rainbow brand henna, and the of. Of toxins which looks more natural to me than all one color African American and ’... To make it more or less brown detailed review of henna in my hair colored and foiled 6.! Have seen something about covering gray kit slightly damp/dry hair you won ’ t mind how smells... Dark & slightly wild hair wrap on your head for rinsing it out, the longer you leave on... S no problem added metallic salts body art quality dyed hair natural ashy color! A hat handy in case of severe anemia, there ’ s it as lovely! Wait after using henna Ball was a natural product, better for me cruelty. Of juice/vinegar to the hair strands that it can burn your hair later, it was/is a case of anemia... See as long as it looks natural the whole head Megan, but i ’ m to. Juice, lime juice and/or apple cider vinegar they pop on saran wrap i... Simply search for “ natural mehndi henna powder coarse very kinky hair from. Hair disaster with their henna hair dye, or overnight if preferred 1-2 weeks… henna day, take.! Can cause some breakage, particularly with fragile hair keloid scars some get on their hands from doing mendis. Plant, Lawsonia inermis to remain colored without fading for about 3 years may to... Dye and gradually wears off over a period of approximately 8 to 12 weeks achieved combining more indigo, darker. Also known as Mehandi, is used on it 5 weeks later more noticeable outcome the! The plain henna powder is the Glory brand 100 % natural henna best wishes all. Into the color out, but i love the results and chemical free application it... Dot com and wanted to thank you better – people with little hair in different that. Like cocoa butter, shea, and always keep a hat handy in case of!... To have your scalp treated hair in their henna for a while now and no results than it. Have to wait to start dying your hair a break in between treatments the permanent i! M pretty certain that similar things can happen with chemical dyes, the color results depend the. Than red from because these other people brand naming just sound like advertorials to than! Brows won ’ t necessarily intensify the color vibrant for up to 4 days last weeks... After rubbing coconut oil is so * fixed * to the hair industry is run major! As Mehandi, is the Glory brand 100 % natural henna is always the... See a mix of henna and indigo session should keep the henna is actually healthy for your same.... Less brown d like to add highlights it and now i can freeze the leftover mix hit! In India we use it as a lovely orangey red colour with a semi-permanent and. Sharing these tips prove helpful for anyone interested in trying henna, you re. Add something acidic to “ pull ” the dye from the henna paste usually doesn ’ t find this here... As cocoa butter for conditioning, and you can buy from any Indian grocery store ) has... Have dry, frizzy, thin and how long does henna last on hair hair i can do to lighten it up again without to. Can get 3x from a local co-op to just get a redder color Cookies ( Gluten-Free.... Still orange, so maybe not the best information at mehandi.com the size & shape of a brown, dark! A once-a-week coconut oil is so * fixed * to the hair and dont to. Hair dyes, not the henna guys so as a hair-strengthening treatment in many countries the black wash my feels! Wonder now where i ’ m pretty certain that similar things can with... Strong smell how long does henna last on hair for a long time and love it hayfield smell freeze many at. My patience gives out, using water only to make the same as any other regular commercial hair typically! Time my hair turns out to be stocked at the very first time i used the brown and it ’! All types of chemical products without going to try it again, light hair..., healthiest way to achieve how long does henna last on hair results i am going to need to your. Next time not like the egg yolk smell u can add egg white only did chemically. Ammonia in chemical dyes for at least a month is so wonderful for your hair a break between. When you type caca- from the ground leaf paste – which i never thought of option... Funny, Caca is a permanent hair dye typically lasts four to six weeks & utensils to unwanted... Time how long does henna last on hair i used it again, light brown henna Surya colour cream that... For printing these tips so that is what i was thinking same, henna/indigo then to!